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Portable Command Center

The SemperComm PCC is the only completely autonomous EMP-protected 24” x 24” x 24” MIL-STD, shock-mounted (FirstNet & Aviation Communication Optional) portable command center. SemperComm (Always Communicating) makes it simple to get in touch and stay in touch during a challenging situation so you can focus on dealing with the emergency! The SemperComm PCC provides first responders core emergency communications in any disaster or episodic event or local parades and community functions and can easily be predeployed. The SemperComm PCC is the first and only patented EMP-protected, self-sustaining grid-free powered command center. The SemperComm PCC is Triband P25/VHF capable, UHF, HF, and SATCOM supported, built by first-responders for first-responders. SemperComm is not grid-dependent, does not require a generator, nor network requirements—totally autonomous. The SemperComm® PCC is what you need when first on the scene!

SemperComm® PCC—Designed by SemperComm Systems, maximizing the use of American-made goods, products, and materials, complies with the Buy American Act; FEMA AEL Compliant and, made and built in the USA by ComSonics, Inc.

SemperComm® PCC—Ensuring communications operability so our first responders can be interoperable.

iTopS LLC, an associate of Mathieu and Associates LLC is an authorized distributor for the SemperComm product. SemperComm is the only completely portable autonomous Emergency & Disaster Communication System available on the market today.

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